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No matter how good the car you’re driving is, its overall performance is directly governed by the quality of its custom rims Pretoria and the grip they provide. It is not uncommon for road drivers to continue to drive on worn out tyres.

It is believed, that as many as 80% of the drivers have tyres that were either not cared for correctly or had issues such as incorrect pressure, damage or illegal tread depth. Your custom mags Pretoria play a vital role in your driving safety and their importance cannot be understated. It is absolutely essential that your tyres have the best possible tread for your specific climate/ situation you are in.

For example, in a wet situation, a tyre is worn out; the remaining tread cannot adequately disperse the water at the contact patch. What happens next is that a film of water is sandwiched between the tyre and the road surface. Once this happens the grip totally disappears, this is known as aquaplaning.
Climate change results in tyre tread differences. In tropical climates, custom alloy rims Pretoria degrade a lot quicker than in temperate climates, and more care should be taken in these climates to ensure that tyres do not fail. Tyres which are on seldom-used vehicles, such as trailers, are at the greatest risk of age-failure, but some tyres are built to withstand idleness, usually with nylon reinforcement.

“When should I replace my rims Pretoria?” This is a good question and an easy one to answer. Tyres have wear indicators that tell you when the tread is too low. Look closely at the shoulder of the tyre and you’ll notice a number of marker arrows. These are about 30cm apart around the edge of the tyre and point to the indicators location. The wear indicators are custom rims for sale Pretoria, around 1.6mm high, in the main channels of the tread itself. Many automakers recommend replacing should be done often before tyres become ‘bald’, and several tyre manufacturers have called for bmw rims Pretoria to be removed from service 10 years after the date of manufacture.

A new tyre has about 8-9mm of tread depth, but as we drive the tread wears down. Once it wears down to the top of the wear bars it’s time to fit some new rubber. When this time arrives it pays to talk with a tyre specialist about the type of rims for sale Pretoria that will best suit your needs.

So contact us today for all your expert tyre advice and assistance- the cost of tyres is quite minimal in comparison to the benefits that they bring.

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